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Petronas Lubricants
For completing  the DEBA one-stop-shop we work with Petronas Lubricants.
The high quality oils, lubricants and other fluids are especially made to be used with the all spare parts we sell.
We also provide lubricants and their support regarding product specifications.
For several customers abroad we deliver drums with fluids fitted best for the equipment and their working environment and conditions.

Working closely with FIAT Group Petronas Lubricants strives daily to improve upon the production processes of its engine oils and functional fluids,
designing lubricants for specific use in individual vehicle models in line with engine development, for results which exceed international specifications every time.
Everyone who places their trust in Petronas Lubricants, from the manufacturer to the end customer,
can count on an exceptional specialist team and on high quality products which meet all of the required safety, performance, consumption and environmental characteristics.​
Petronas Lubricants Belgium NV and Petronas Lubricants Netherlands B.V. are affiliate companies of Petronas Lubricants International (PLI) a wholly-owned subsidiary of Petronas.
Petronas owns blending and filling facilities in Belgium near the port of Antwerp and Rotterdam (the greatest harbor in the Netherlands) The company was founded in 1935 and is producer and distributor of Sunoco products for the EMEA.
Petronas Lubricants International is a leading oil company and preferred manufacturer for several OEM companies.
In the EMEA Sunoco is a fast growing brand with top end and approved products. Each batch is severely controlled before it is approved for distribution.
The Sunoco brand has no competition when both quality and price are taken into account.

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