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JOST has been manufacturing fifth wheel coupling devices globally since 1956. In total JOST has supplied more than three million fifth wheels to the global market.
For us this is a proof of a durable and high-quality program and we are proud to deliver their products.

JOST International fifth wheels are now available for specification at all major OEM’s.
They have manufactured trailer landing gear at their manufacturing facility in Grand Haven, Michigan
and over the past 20 years supplied over 1.5 million sets to our valued OEM partners and their end users.

The difference between the JOST landing gear design and older competitive products is obvious right from the first glance: there is no external gearbox!
The gearing mechanism is an integral part of the sturdy leg column which protects the gearing from abuse and most importantly minimizes significantly water intrusion which is a very damaging element to landing gear with external gear housings. Also any damage or extra wearing through road chemicals, dust or sand is minimized.

The gear box on each leg is completely filled with a premium all weather lubricant- the legs are completely sealed to keep the grease in and everything else out. The elevating screws are completely encased by a grease tube; each time the legs are extended and retracted the screw receives a fresh coating of grease.

Jost kingpins have proven themselves mile after mile over the world's most challenging roads. Steel forged for superior strength, Jost AAR kingpins deliver optimal balance between wear resistance and impact resistance.

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Telephone:     0031 76 50 349 60
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