Telephone: 0031 76 50 349 60
Fax: 0031 76 50 35 883
Of course we will always treat your request with care and our experienced employees will help you in the best way possible. When you for example need a very old or exclusive part for any brand, we will always help you out in the best possible way.

Our experience tells us that the contacts with our loyal suppliers in Holland and Europa are very reliable and we can always find the fastest way to deliver to or advise our clients.
Our mechanical experience gathered in our workshops and at the spot (vehicles on the road) can always be helpful to support your mechanics or operating staff.
When necessary we even can send a highly qualified and experienced mechanic to help you out with a repair or maintenance.

                                    So when you have any kind of vehicle with a failure, breakdown, malfunction or any kind of trouble we are all you need.

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