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About us

In this tab we would like to give some information about who we are and what we are capable of. And how and why we can help your company best with any request regarding spare parts for trucks and all other machinery. For example:

  • Heavy and light trucks

  • Trailers

  • Buses

  • Campers

  • Crusher equipment

  • Aggregates

  • Handling equipment,

  • Farm equipment,

  • Construction / public work equipment.

We already have more than 30 years of experience due to our truck and van workshops and sales points. We are offering a very wide range of services on mobility.
Our international specialties are:
   -Parts supplies of FIAT group and all other original and alternative makes, all over the world
   -Repair and maintenance for trucks, trailers, buses, campers, aggregates everywhere as needed
   -Instructions and training on the spot by specialized mechanics
Without hesitation we can clearly speak about an all-round professional workshop and sales organization with proper knowledge about every aspect of transportation needs. Our goals is to always deliver; “quality, reliability and service at the highest level”.
Our 4 outlets are situated in the Southwest of the Netherlands; Terneuzen, Kapelle, Bergen op Zoom and our biggest workshop and headquarters in Etten-Leur. With our strategic strong location in between the harbors of Antwerp and Rotterdam we can handle strong, solid and quick transport internationally.
We also have a wide experience with airfreight at the airport of Schiphol Amsterdam. In Etten-Leur we have a wide variety of stock mainly on IVECO, FIAT Professional and Astra brands but also on often used alternative makes.
Since 1998 we have an implemented quality management system that conforms the standard NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008. This certification is subjected by TUV Netherlands.
Due to our strong growth the last years in export we gained a lot of experience of working all over the world. This means we know the extreme conditions which are faced and we build our product and parts supply on this knowledge. All this to provide maximum mobility with as less workshop visit as possible. This also includes that with some complex breakdowns or training needs (both on workshop knowledge as well as on driving skills) we send in our specialists to do the job on the spot. At maximum 4 days we are able to send someone everywhere.

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